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Make Subscription Updates On The App | Bully Max Mobile AppUpdated 19 days ago

🐾 Download the Bully Max Mobile App here: https://shop.bullymax.com/pages/app

In this video, you'll Learn:

  • How to effectively use the Bully Max mobile app to manage your subscription
  • Pause Your Subscription: Temporarily pause your orders when necessary
  • Resume Your Subscription: Quickly resume your deliveries with just a few taps
  • Cancel Your Subscription:* Decide to stop your subscription? We'll show you the hassle-free way to cancel it
  • Change Order Frequency: Adjust how often you receive your supplies according to your pet's needs

Insider Tips and Tricks: Get the most out of your Bully Max subscription with our helpful advice

Whether you're a long-time Bully Max customer or considering starting your subscription, this video is packed with valuable insights to make your experience seamless. Don't let subscription management stress you out—take advantage of the mobile app and keep your focus on what's truly important: your pet's health and well-being.

Still need help managing your subscription? Our support team is here 24-7 to assist you. 

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