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Can my puppy use Bully Max products?Updated 17 days ago

Yes, Bully Max provides a complete line of products formulated specifically for puppies.

Bully Max Puppy Products: Benefits and Usage Guide

At Bully Max, we understand that giving your puppy the best start in life is crucial for their growth, development, and overall health. Our range of puppy products is specifically designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of growing puppies. Here’s a detailed look at our puppy products, their benefits, and how they can be used together to ensure your pup grows into a strong, healthy adult dog.

1. 24/14 High Protein & Growth Puppy Food


  • High in protein to support muscle development.
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals for overall health.
  • Formulated for puppies from 4 weeks of age.

Usage: This high-protein puppy food provides the foundation for your puppy's diet. It supports growth and ensures your puppy receives the necessary nutrients for healthy development.

2. 26/12 High Protein Wet Puppy Food


  • Rich in protein and essential nutrients.
  • Soft texture is easy for puppies to eat.
  • Great for picky eaters or those needing extra hydration.

Usage: Use this wet food as a primary meal or a tasty topper to the 24/14 High Protein & Growth Puppy Food. It enhances palatability and adds variety to your puppy's diet.

3. Puppy Chews for Immunity & Growth


  • Supports immune system development.
  • Contains essential nutrients for growth.
  • Soft and chewable, ideal for teething puppies.

Usage: Integrate these chews into your puppy's daily routine to boost their immune system and support overall growth. They can be given as a treat or reward during training.

4. Puppy Tabs for Development & Growth


  • Complete multivitamin for puppies.
  • Supports bone, brain, and eye development.
  • Easy to administer chewable tablets.

Usage: These tabs can be given alongside meals to ensure your puppy gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal development.

5. Puppy Wet Food, Dry Food, & Supplements - Bundle


  • Comprehensive bundle covering all nutritional needs.
  • Provides a balanced diet with both wet and dry food options.
  • Includes supplements for immune support and growth.

Usage: This bundle is perfect for new puppy owners looking for a complete nutritional package. Use the dry food as the base diet, the wet food as a delicious topper, and the supplements to enhance your puppy’s health.

6. Puppy Starter Pack for Training & Growth


  • Includes high-protein food and essential supplements.
  • Designed to support training and physical development.
  • Provides a balanced approach to puppy nutrition.

Usage: Ideal for starting your puppy on a balanced diet while supporting their training needs. This pack includes everything you need to ensure your puppy grows strong and healthy.

Combining Products for Maximum Benefits

Combining Bully Max puppy products can help provide a well-rounded diet and support your puppy’s growth and development:

  • Daily Meals: Use the 24/14 High Protein & Growth Puppy Food as the primary food source.
  • Variety and Hydration: Add the 26/12 High Protein Wet Puppy Food to enhance taste and ensure hydration.
  • Immune Support: Give Puppy Chews for Immunity & Growth daily as treats to boost the immune system.
  • Supplementation: Administer Puppy Tabs for Development & Growth with meals for additional vitamins and minerals.
  • Comprehensive Nutrition: Consider the Puppy Wet Food, Dry Food, & Supplements - Bundle for a complete nutritional plan.
  • Training and Growth: Use the Puppy Starter Pack for Training & Growth to support both physical and training needs.

By integrating these products, you can ensure your puppy receives the best possible nutrition and support during their critical growth stages. For more details and to purchase these products, visit our puppy products page.

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