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My dog doesn't like the taste of the food anymore: Dog Food Storage TipsUpdated 13 days ago

Did you know dog food can go stale? Similar to a bag of chips left open for a few days, improperly stored dog food can lose its freshness and nutritional value.

When your dog's food goes stale, it not only loses its nutritional benefits but also its flavor, which may cause your dog to lose interest in their meals.

The good news is that keeping your dog's food fresh is simple with the right storage techniques. Here's how to ensure your dog's food stays fresh, tasty, and nutritious:

  1. Always keep food in its original zipper-seal bag: Bully Max dog food now comes with easy-to-use zipper seal bags, designed to keep your dog's food fresher for longer.
  2. Seal the Bag Correctly: Make sure to securely close the zipper seal after each use.
  3. Avoid Transferring Food: Never empty the product into cabinets, plastic bins, "air-tight" storage units, cans, or products sold as "Dog Food Storage" containers. Most containers are not completely airtight, leading to exposure to air, light, and moisture, which can degrade the food's nutritional value. Even clean-looking containers can harbor bacteria and mold, potentially contaminating the food if not regularly cleaned and dried.
  4. Use the Original Bag: Always store the food in its original bag. Bully Max dog food bags are superior to other brands, especially those using paper bags that can be easily torn.

By following these steps and utilizing Bully Max's advanced zipper seal bags, you can prevent your dog's food from going stale and ensure they enjoy every meal to the fullest.

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