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What's the #1 ingredient in Bully Max High Protein & Fat dog food?Updated 18 days ago

The #1 Ingredient: Chicken Meal

The primary ingredient in Bully Max High Performance dog food is chicken meal. This ingredient is a highly concentrated form of chicken protein that contains no by-products, making it an exceptional choice for dog nutrition.

Why Chicken Meal is Superior

  • High Protein Content: Chicken meal contains 261% more protein than fresh chicken used in many dog foods. This makes it an excellent source of protein for your dog, supporting muscle development and overall health.
  • Pure Nutrition: Chicken meal includes no by-products, ensuring that your dog receives high-quality, digestible protein without any fillers or unwanted additives.

How is Chicken Meal Made?

Chicken meal is produced through a process called rendering. This involves drying and slow-cooking fresh chicken to remove the water content. The result is a highly concentrated protein source that is rich in essential nutrients for your dog.

You can learn more about this process here: Truth About Chicken Meal in Dog Food.

Further Information

For a complete list of the ingredients in Bully Max High Performance dog food and their benefits, visit the #1 third-party review site for dog food: Dog Food Advisor - Bully Max Dog Food Review.

By choosing Bully Max with chicken meal as the primary ingredient, you provide your dog with a nutritious, protein-rich diet that promotes health and vitality.

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