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How Much Bully Max Dry Dog Food to Feed Your Dog | Complete GuideUpdated 18 days ago

How Much Bully Max Dog Food Should You Feed Your Dog?

Determining the daily recommended serving of food for your dog depends on several factors, including activity level and ideal weight. Since Bully Max High Performance dog food is much higher in calories than other brands, you'll need to feed your dog significantly less—sometimes even half as much.

Use Our Dog Food Calculator

To ensure your dog gets the right amount of food, we recommend using our Dog Food Calculator. This tool will help you determine the daily food requirement for your dog and estimate how long a 15 lb bag of food will last.

Feeding Instructions

Feeding instructions for all our products can be found on their packaging or our website. Use these guidelines as a starting point and monitor your dog to ensure they achieve and maintain their optimal body condition.

Bully Max Dog Food - Calories per Cup

Bully Max Dog Food - Calories / Cup

30/20 High Protein - Chicken

535 kcal / cup

31/25 Pro Series - Chicken

600 kcal / cup

25/11 High Protein & Low Fat - Lamb

415 kcal / cup

Classic Fresh Catch Recipe - Chicken

425 kcal / cup

24/14 High Protein & Growth Puppy Food - Lamb

419 kcal / cup

By feeding your dog the right amount of Bully Max dog food, you can ensure they stay healthy and maintain an optimal body condition.

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