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Tips for switching to Bully Max dog foodUpdated 21 days ago

Transitioning your dog to Bully Max dog food over a 7 days is required. Switching to any dog food without a transition period can upset your dog’s stomach and cause problems like diarrhea or vomiting. 

Use these steps when switching your dog to Bully Max dog food:

  1. Choose the Right Food: If your dog is extremely active, we recommend one of our higher-calorie dog foods. If your dog has a low or medium energy level, we recommend Bully Max’s lamb diet, which has an above-average calorie level.
  2. Go Slowly: Start by mixing a little bit of the new food with their current food in their bowl. Use mostly their old food (about 75%) and a small amount of the new food (about 25%). This will help them get used to the new smell and taste. 

  3. Don’t overfeed your dog: Follow the instructions on the side of the bag to determine their new feeding amount. Since Bully Max is higher in calories, you’ll feed your dog less food after they’re fully transitioned. Giving them more food than recommended on the bag will upset your dog’s stomach and cause digestion problems. 
  4. Watch for Changes: Watch how your dog reacts to the new food. Look for signs of stomach problems like loose stool or not wanting to eat. 
  5. Increase the New Food: Over 7-10 days, gradually increase the amount of new food while decreasing the old food. Aim for a 50/50 mix of old and new food around the middle of the transition.
  6. Take It Slow: Take your time with the process. Every day, change the amounts by about 10%, so they get more new food and less old food. If your dog has stomach issues, slow down the transition and spend more time at each stage.
  7. Keep an Eye Out: Watch your dog's overall health and check their stool to ensure everything looks okay during the transition. If they have any problems, slow down the transition process or reduce the amount of food you’re giving them.
  8. Stay Consistent: Once the transition is done and your dog eats Bully Max happily, stick with it. Feed them the right amount of the new food according to their weight and needs. Check their weight and overall health regularly to ensure they're doing well on the new diet.

Remember, every dog is different; some may need more time to get used to the new food. By following these steps and taking it slow, you can help your dog switch to Bully Max without upsetting their stomach and will keep your dog happy.

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