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My tracking number says my package was delivered, but it hasn't arrivedUpdated 13 days ago

Check Your Tracking Information:

  • Note if a specific location was mentioned. Sometimes, packages may show as "delivered" up to 48 hours before arrival, especially during peak times.

Check with Neighbors and Residents:

  • The package might have been received by a neighbor or another resident. Please check with others at your address or nearby neighbors.

Check Other Areas Around Your Home:

  • Look around your residence, including back porches, bushes, garages, grills, or other places where the package might be hidden for protection from theft or weather.

Check with Your Local Post Office:

  • Sometimes, packages marked as "delivered" may not arrive until 1-3 days later. Please check with your local post office.

Consider UPS My Choice:

We recommend signing up for UPS My Choice to prevent future package issues. Benefits include:

  • Reroute or reschedule package deliveries.
  • Get estimated and confirmed delivery windows.
  • Track and manage multiple packages at once.
  • Receive real-time delivery alerts.
  • Leave driver instructions.

Still Need Help?

If you’ve tried everything and still can't locate your package, please get in touch with the Bully Max Support team. We're here for you 24-7:

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