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Did you recently move? Here's how to get your packages forwarded to your new addressUpdated 13 days ago

How to Forward Your Mail to a New Address

If you recently moved, we highly suggest filing a change of address with USPS. This ensures that any mail sent to your previous address will be forwarded to your new address. The process costs $1.00 and takes just a few minutes.

How to Get Your Mail Forwarded to Your New Address:

  1. Visit USPS Movers Guide and click the "Get Started" link.
  2. Follow the six easy steps on the USPS website.

That's it! Once you complete these steps, your mail will be forwarded to your new address.

For more information on mail forwarding, please visit the USPS Mail Forwarding page.

Want to Forward Your UPS Packages? Visit the UPS My Choice page and click the "Sign Up" link to get started. This service allows you to reroute and reschedule your packages to your new address.

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