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Weight pulling tips — caring for your dog's nails | Dog SportsUpdated 14 days ago

Insights from Dela Cruz Kennels featuring 3X National Champion White Dragon

In a recent video, Sam from the world-famous Dela Cruz Kennels shares a key factor in gaining a competitive edge on the weight pull track. Featuring the 3X Proven National Champion White Dragon, proudly sponsored by Bully Max Dog Supplements, this video offers valuable tips for maintaining your dog's performance.

With over 25 years of breeding experience, the Dela Cruz bloodline is one of the most established and well-respected bloodlines worldwide. Here's a tip from Sam and the Dungeon Family to help keep your weight-pulling dog in top shape:

Maintaining Optimal Nail Health

  1. Wood Deck for Nail Maintenance:

    • Why Wood Decks?: Keeping weight-pulling dogs on a wood deck helps maintain their nails in the best shape possible. Unlike concrete, which can grind down nails excessively, a wood deck provides a more natural surface that prevents over-wearing.
    • Nail Shape: Proper nail shape is crucial for traction on the track. Well-maintained nails help your dog grip the surface better, improving performance during weight pulls.
  2. Regular Trimming:

    • Trimming Tips: Regularly trim your dog's nails, but avoid cutting them too short. Trimming them down slightly helps manage growth, similar to how cutting hair can stimulate faster growth.
    • Growth Management: Consistent trimming prevents nails from becoming too long, which can affect traction and performance.

Why Nail Health Matters

Maintaining your dog's nails is not just about aesthetics; it's a critical factor in ensuring they have the necessary traction on the track. Properly shaped and trimmed nails can significantly improve your dog's ability to pull weight efficiently and effectively.

Enhance Performance with Bully Max Dog Supplements

In addition to nail maintenance, providing your dog with the right nutrition and supplements can further enhance their performance. Bully Max offers a line of muscle-building supplements designed to support your dog's strength, endurance, and overall health.

Check out Bully Max's line of muscle-building supplements at https://bullymax.com to give your dog the competitive edge they need on the weight-pull track.

By following these tips from Dela Cruz Kennels and incorporating Bully Max supplements into your dog's routine, you can help ensure your dog is in peak condition for weight-pulling competitions. Keep them on a wood deck, trim their nails regularly, and provide them with the best nutrition for optimal performance.

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