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Exercise Tips

How to build a spring pole (exercise equipment for dogs)

Need some ideas on how / where to hang your spring pole? Read the full article here: https://bullymax.com/spring-pole/Don't want to build one? You can buy a heavy-duty Bully Max spring pole here: https://shop.bullymax.com/products/spring-poleBully Ma

How to build a flirt pole (Exercise equipment for dogs)

To get the most out of Bully Max, you can exercise your dog using a flirt pole.Flirt poles bring out your dog's natural prey drive. The goal is to get them to leap, dive, and sprint as they chase the lure. These motions are excellent for building mus

How to train your dog to weight pull - 101

Sam from the world famous Dela Cruz bloodline teaches the essentials to weight pulling.No only is weight pulling a great sport for packing on muscle & getting the most out of Bully Max, it's also a great way to form a long-lasting bond with your dog.

Weight pulling tips — caring for your dog's nails

Sam from the world famous Dela Cruz Kennels explains a key factor in gaining the competitive edge on the weight pull track.

Learn about the sport of weight pulling

The sport of weight pulling is an excellent way release pent up & improve your dog's mental health. When combined with Bully Max, it's also one of the best ways to pack muscle onto your dog.